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Veliyath Gardens

Durian Pulu Fruit Plant (Durio kutejensis )

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Common Name: Durian pulu, durian merah, nyekak, Pakan, Kuluk

Botanical Name: Durio kutejensis

General Information:

Commonly found in Borneo. A primary rainforest substorey fruit tree, reaching up to 30 m tall. The only wild durian species widely cultivated.

A fruity aroma is considered pleasant, suitable for those unfamiliar with traditional durian funk.

Typically small, with the largest fruit weighing less than 1 kilo. Flesh is dry and slightly waxy, ranging in colors from pale orange-yellow to a deep, sunset red.

Lacks the savory, garlicky onion element that some find off-putting. Tastes light and fruity, resembling strawberry-mango, like an avocado infused with tropical gummy bear flavor.

Health Benefits:

Boosts immune system. Prevents cancer and inhibits free radical activity. Improves digestion. Strengthens bones. Improves signs of anemia. Prevents premature aging. Lowers blood pressure. Protects against cardiovascular diseases.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4 to 6 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate