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Veliyath Gardens

Durian Merah Fruit Plant (Durio graveolens)

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Common Names: Durian otak udang galah, Durian hutan, Tabelak Durian kuning, Durian sukang

Botanical Name: Durio graveolens

General Information:

Also known as the red-fleshed durian, orange-fleshed durian, or yellow durian, Species of the tree is in the family Malvaceae, Typical size for durian trees, about 50 meters tall.

Grows throughout Borneo, the island of Palawan, Philippines, and on farms in Mindanao and Peninsular Malaysia are said to have been spotted in Sumatra as well. 

Fruit is small with a bright yellow exterior, sometimes tinged brown, Mild odor and red thick, addicting cheesy flesh, Takes 5 to 6 years to fruit from seed. 

Health Benefits:

Manganese in durian helps in the maintenance of blood sugar levels.

Durian intake improves the insulin response in patients with diabetes.

Antioxidants in durian reduce oxidative stress, which can aggravate diabetes symptoms.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 5 to 6 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate