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Veliyath Gardens

Durian Chanee Live Plant

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Chanee durians are a small to medium-sized varietal, averaging 20 to 25 centimeters in length and 18 to 22 centimeters in width, and have an oval appearance. The fruit generally weigh 2.8 to 4 kilograms and have a sharp exterior covered in rough, widely spaced, large triangular spines. The flesh is encapsulated in several chambers, and there are 3 to 4 lobes of flesh, also known as arils, in each chamber. The flesh is also bright yellow, sometimes blushed with orange tones, and has a thick, smooth, buttery, and creamy consistency, containing a large seed. It has a sweet, slightly savory flavor and subtly bitter undertones.
Chanee durians are available at different points throughout the year in Thailand. In central, northern, and eastern Thailand, the fruits generally appear in late April through May, while in southern Thailand, the equatorial rainforests produce multiple harvests from July through January.