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Durian Cempedak Live plant

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Durian Cempedak is a tropical fruit. They are a variety of Cempedak, botanically classified as Artocarpus integer. These fruit belong to the Moraceae, or mulberry, family, and are related to jackfruit, bread fruit and figs. It is a variety of the Cempedak, and is rarely seen outside of Asia.
Durian Cempedak are oval, irregular-shaped fruit of varying sizes. An average size for the fruit is around 12 centimeters in diameter, by 25 centimeters in length, and with a weight of up to 900 grams. The outer skin, brownish green in color, is patterned with raised, hexagonal soft spikes. The fruit is extremely pungent, and reminiscent of durian and jackfruit. When cut open, the fruit exudes a sticky, glue-like white sap. Each fruit bears four to 16 elongated inner seeds which grow separately within the fruit, and are around 3 centimeters in diameter by 2.5 centimeters in length. Each seed is covered with a thick layer of edible flesh. The flesh is creamy yellow to orange in color. It is as soft as custard, and has a caramel, sweet, slightly musky flavor with hints of mango.