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Deanna Fig Live Plant (Ficus carica 'Deanna”)

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Deanna produces large green figs that ripen to yellow or greenish yellow. The strawberry to amber flesh is considered to be of very good quality. The small eye helps to minimize spoiling. Deanna is another fig that came out of Dr. Ira Condit's breeding program at UC Davis, Riverside. It was developed to replace Calimyrna and it also has good cold hardiness. Deanna is a very large fig with fruits over 100 grams being typical. The fruit has a green exterior and an amber to light red pulp with a sweet taste. It was originally developed as part of Ira Condit's breeding program. It was bred to be resistant to cracking and splitting.


Common Name: Deanna

Botanical Name: Ficus carica 'Deanna”

Bloom Time/Fruiting: In 1 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate