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Davidson's Plum Fruit Plants (Davidsonia Pruriens)

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Davidson's Plum (Davidsonia Pruriens):

Botanical Name: Davidsonia Pruriens

Common Name: Queensland Davidson Plum

General Information: Native to Australia

Genus containing three rainforest tree species

Commonly known as Davidson Plum or Davidson's Plum

Fruits superficially resemble the European Plum but are not closely related

Edible sour fruit with burgundy-colored flesh

Highly regarded as gourmet bushfood

Medium-sized fruit turns deep purple when fully ripe, Pleasant acid flavor, Brilliant red pulp.

Health Benefits:

One Davidson plum provides 33.33% of the daily recommended Vitamin C intake.

Vitamin C is crucial for a healthy immune system.

Studies show that Vitamin C helps prevent the growth of free radicals, which are precursors to many diseases, including cancer.

Cultivation Details:

Blooming Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate



Planting and Care

Davidson's plum prefers warmer climate zones but will tolerate cooler regions if protected from frost. Being a native rainforest tree, the plant is best grown in a sheltered, part-shaded position in the garden with ample moisture and protection from damaging winds.

Special Feature

The high intake of Vitamin C promotes the effects of cancer-fighting drugs used in chemotherapy.


Davidson plums are not used as fresh fruit due to the intense fruit acid and low sugar content. Instead the tart and intense fruity flavour lends itself to be used in a range of sweet and savoury dishes, including cakes, jams, sauces, yoghurt and ice-cream.