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Veliyath Gardens

Custard Apple Fruit Plant (Annona Reticulata)

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Custard Apple (Annona Reticulata) Overview:

Common Names: Ramphal, The Bullock’s, Sugar Apple, Custard Apple, Bullock's Heart

Botanical Name: Annona Reticulata

General Information: Fast-growing small deciduous or semi-evergreen tree. Best known for its fruit, the custard apple. Smooth skin fruit that becomes dull red when ripe. Custard-like pulp is sugary and less flavoured than other Annona species. Fruits are eaten fresh, and the pulp is used to flavour ice cream.

Medicinal Properties: Traditional uses in treating epilepsy, dysentery, bacterial infections, fever, and cardiac problems. Known to have antioxidants and promote digestive health. Potential benefits in preventing blood pressure issues.

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 2 to 3 Years.

Maintenance Required: Moderate.

Additional Notes: The custard apple is distinct for its custard-like pulp and sugary taste. Widely recognized for its medicinal properties in traditional medicine. Fruits are consumed fresh, and the pulp is used to enhance the flavour of ice cream. The tree is fast-growing, making it a relatively quick producer of its distinctive fruit. Custard apple, with its unique flavour and potential health benefits, serves both as a delightful fruit and a source of traditional medicinal uses. Its moderate maintenance requirements make it a feasible addition to gardens and orchards, providing a sweet and distinct treat for those who enjoy its custard-like pulp.