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Coconilla Fruit Plant (Solanum stramoniifolium)

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Botanical Name: Solanum stramoniifolium

Common Names: Coconilla, Nightshade

General Information:

Native range: Central & S. Tropical America, Trinidad-Tobago, Erect or spreading perennial plant, Occasionally cultivated in Colombia and Peru for edible fruits

Very prickly, more or less woody stems, Can grow up to 2 meters tall and wide

Harvested from the wild for local use as food, Fruits can be eaten raw but are mainly used to prepare juices. Orange or red, globose fruit is 12 - 24mm in diameter

Contains many small seeds, Semi-woody stems are armed with prickles, and Star-shaped, whitish flowers that are usually solitary.

Edible Uses:

Fruits can be eaten raw, Mainly used to prepare juices

Orange or red, globose fruit, 12 - 24mm in diameter

Medicinal Uses:

Plant extracts have been widely used to treat fever, wounds, tooth decay, reproductive problems, and arterial hypertension

Leaves, fruits, roots, and aerial parts of Solanum plants can benefit humans by enhancing their health when consumed as part of a daily diet, nutraceutical, or biopharmaceutical

Cultivation Details:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 1 Year

Maintenance Required: Moderate