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Chytranthus mannii Live Plant (Chytranthus mannii )

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Chytranthus mannii is a unique and rare small tree native to the islands of São Tomé e Príncipe. This tree, which is included on the IUCN’s red list of species that are “almost at risk,” grows in the wild, humid areas of the archipelago and takes several years to become productive. The fruits of Chytranthus mannii are not only edible but also quite distinctive in appearance and taste.

Key Features of Chytranthus mannii:

  1. Rare Species: Chytranthus mannii is a rare tree, making its cultivation and preservation important.
  2. Habitat: It thrives in the humid areas of the São Tomé e Príncipe archipelago.
  3. Growth: The tree takes several years to become productive, requiring patience from growers.
  4. Fruit Characteristics:
    • Appearance: The fruits grow directly on the trunk several times each year. They have a violet, velvety peel and a unique triangular shape.
    • Consistency and Flavor: The fruits have a consistency and flavor similar to pears. When properly mature, they are sweet but not very fragrant.

Growing and Care Instructions:

  1. Location: Chytranthus mannii prefers humid environments, similar to its natural habitat on the São Tomé e Príncipe islands. Choose a location that mimics these conditions for best results.
  2. Soil: Use well-draining, fertile soil rich in organic matter. The soil should retain moisture without becoming waterlogged.
  3. Watering: Regular watering is essential, especially in dry periods. Ensure the soil remains consistently moist to support healthy growth.
  4. Light: The tree thrives in partial to full sunlight. Provide it with adequate light to encourage growth and fruit production.
  5. Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer periodically to supply essential nutrients. Organic compost or mulch can also help maintain soil fertility.
  6. Patience Required: Chytranthus mannii takes several years to bear fruit, so patience is key. Proper care and maintenance will eventually reward you with its unique fruits.

Benefits of Chytranthus mannii:

  1. Unique Fruit: The triangular, violet, velvety fruits are visually appealing and have a pear-like consistency and flavor. They add an exotic touch to any garden or orchard.
  2. Nutritional Value: Like many fruits, Chytranthus mannii’s fruits are likely rich in vitamins and minerals, contributing to a healthy diet.
  3. Conservation Importance: Growing Chytranthus mannii helps in conserving a species that is almost at risk, supporting biodiversity and ecological balance.
  4. Culinary Uses: The fruits can be eaten fresh or used in various culinary applications, adding a sweet and unique flavor to dishes.


Chytranthus mannii is a rare and valuable tree that offers unique, pear-like fruits with a sweet flavor. Though it takes several years to become productive, the wait is worthwhile for those who appreciate rare and exotic plants. By cultivating Chytranthus mannii, you contribute to the conservation of an almost at-risk species while enjoying its distinctive fruits. Embrace the opportunity to grow this rare tree and savor the unique taste and benefits it brings to your garden and table.