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Cherry Mangosteen Fruit Plants (Garcinia Intermedia)

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Common Name: Cherry Mangosteen, also known as Lemon Drop Mangosteen, and locally referred to as Mameyito.

Botanical Name: Garcinia Intermedia.

General Information: Cherry Mangosteen is a fast-growing short tree native to Central America. The tree may start fruiting in as little as two years.

The small fruits are smooth spheres with a thin yellow, orange, or red rind around a white pulp. The pulp is translucent to white and has a sweet and sour taste, similar to Madruno.

Health Benefits:

Cherry Mangosteen is associated with various health benefits for overall well-being. It promotes heart health, boosts immune function, relieves body pain, enhances brain activity, slows down aging, lowers blood sugar levels, nourishes skin tissues, and helps prevent cancer.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Planting and Care

Grows best with regular water in full sun in a humid environment. It tolerates high temperatures but is probably not frost hardy.

Special Feature

It is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that can boost your immune system.


It is usually eaten out of hand, though can be used for drinks, jams and jellies.