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Cassabanana Live Plant (Sicana Odorifera)

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Cassabanana/ Curuba is a handsome and interesting member of the Cucurbitaceae. It is a large, herbaceous perennial vine,  native to tropical South America, grown as an ornamental plant and for its sweet edible fruit.

Fruit can be eaten raw or cooked. The ripe fruits have a pleasant, aromatic flavor and are sliced thinly and eaten raw.  The fruit can be used as a boiled vegetable, added to soups and stews, or used in preserves. The large orange-crimson fruit is up to 60cm long and looks somewhat like a cucumber. 

Common Name: Cassabanana,Curuba

Botanical Name: Cassabanana

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 months

Maintenance Required: Moderate