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Cape Gooseberry Live plant ( Physalis peruviana)

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 Physalis peruviana, is a South American plant native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in the nightshade family, commonly known as Cape gooseberry or goldenberry. It normally reaching 2-3 ft. in height. Under good conditions it can reach 6 ft, but will need support. The purplish, spreading branches are ribbed and covered with fine hairs. Oppositely arranged leaves are heart-shaped, 2.5-6 inches long. The berry like fruits can be eaten raw, has a unique sweet and tart tropical flavor, combining hints of cherry tomato, pineapple, fig, and strawberry. The skin is similar to a tomatos and is perfectly edible. After biting through the firm exterior, the juicy flesh inside is soft with many small, edible seeds.


Common Name: Cape gooseberry, Goldenberry

Botanical Name: Physalis peruviana

Bloom Time/Fruiting: In 1 Year

Maintenance Required: Moderate