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Bush Orange Fruit plant

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  • Common Names: Bush Orange, Chinese Orange, Sweet Orange

  • General Information:

    • Small, bushy shrub-like tree.
    • Produces small, highly flavored oranges (lime-sized).
    • Very thin peel.
    • Fruit can be used for orangeade or orange juice.
  • Uses: Oranges for making orange tea (similar to lime tea)., Suitable for pickling and use in fish curries.

  • Fruit Production: A healthy 4-year-old plant in full sunlight produces around 2½ to 3 kilos of fruit every fortnight., Branches are heavy with fruit, often brushing the ground.

  • Health Benefits: Improves heart health, Supports brain health, High in vitamin C and fiber.

  • Growth and Maintenance:

    • Bloom Time/Fruiting: 2 to 3 Years.
    • Maintenance Required: Moderate.
  • Summary:

    • The Bush Orange, also known as Chinese Orange or Sweet Orange, is a small, bushy shrub-like tree with highly flavored oranges and a very thin peel. Suitable for making orangeade, orange juice, and even orange tea, the plant is versatile and its fruits can be used in pickling and fish curries. A healthy 4-year-old plant in full sunlight yields around 2½ to 3 kilos of fruit every fortnight, with branches heavy with fruit. Beyond its culinary uses, the orange is recognized for health benefits such as improving heart and brain health, being rich in vitamin C and fiber. The plant has a moderate maintenance requirement, typically starting to bloom and fruit in 2 to 3 years, and it is suitable for terrace gardening.