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Bush Apple Live Plant (Syzygium suborbiculare)

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The native Bush Apple is a member of the Lilly Pilly and Riberry family and has a unique tangy rose flavour. It is said to be a cross between an apple and a pomegranate in both appearance and texture, however they can grow to sizes much larger than the conventional apple! Bush Apples are recognisable by their large leaves, white flowers and fantastic red ribbed skin. Inside, the fibrous flesh wraps around a large seed. Bush Apples are most often used in chutneys, jams, cordials and syrups, but can also be used in salads and classic desserts.

Common Name: Bush Apple,Lady Apple, Red Bush Apple

Botanical Name: Syzygium suborbiculare

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate