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Burmese Cherry Fruit Plants (Flacourtia SP)

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Burmese Cherry (Flacourtia SP):

Botanical Name: Flacourtia SP

Common Name: Burmese Cherry

General Information: Native to the African and Asian tropics and subtropics, Cherries have a rounded, bulbous shape. Smooth and shiny exterior skin with a bright violet hue. Soft, juicy flesh surrounds a cherry-like pit. Possesses a pleasantly sweet flavor with tasting notes reminiscent of berries and grapes.

Health Benefits: Rich source of antioxidants, May contribute to weight loss by suppressing hunger.

Cultivation Information:

Typically blooms and starts fruiting in approximately 1.5 years

Moderate maintenance required for cultivation

Summary: Burmese Cherries, with their unique flavor profile and nutritional benefits, offer a delightful addition to tropical and subtropical regions. The vibrant violet hue and juicy texture make them not only visually appealing but also a potentially healthful choice. Whether enjoyed fresh or incorporated into culinary creations, Burmese Cherries showcase the diversity and richness of tropical fruits. Cultivating them involves moderate maintenance, making them a viable option for those in suitable climates.

Planting and Care

Grows best in moist, humid tropical fields, mature trees are in full sunlight, the younger in partial shade.

Special Feature

The fruit is a source of antioxidants and helps one lose weight by suppressing hunger.


Fruit is often eaten out-of-hand, used to flavour drinks and candies, pitted and cooked down to make jam, chutney, and pie filling. Cooked and pureed they can be made into a sauce and served atop desserts or alongside meats. Pitted and halved fruits can be added to fruit tarts, muffins, and cakes, or as a topping for ice cream, yoghourts, and salads.