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Buah Jentik Fruit plant (Baccaurea polyneura)

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Common Name: Buah Jentik, Jentik

Botanical Name: Baccaurea Polyneura

General Information:

Tree with a dense crown, reaching 5 - 30 meters in height. Lesser-known Baccaurea species are found in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Notable for its bright red to orange pulp, featuring a sour-sweet flavor. Fruits are borne in clusters on stems up to 24cm long.

The edible fruit is gathered from the wild for local use and sometimes sold in local markets.

Nutritional Content:

Rich in nutrients, with an edible rate of 49.2%. The composition includes water (84.7%), carbohydrates (86.14%), fats (0.06%), crude protein (5.43%), fiber (0.29%), vitamin C (1.57 mg/100 g), titratable acid (1.99%), and total sugar (11.87%).

Health Benefits:

Known for its potential health benefits, including stopping diarrhea, boosting the immune system, increasing blood levels, and enhancing the appetite of the sick.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate