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Bitter Kola Fruit Plants (Garcinia Kola)

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Common Name:

Bitter Kola, also known by its botanical name, Garcinia Kola.

Botanical Name:

Garcinia Kola.


Bitter Kola is an evergreen tree that originates from West and Central Africa.

It produces brown, nut-like seeds similar to kidney beans.

The fruits are rounded berries, sometimes slightly flattened.

The seeds have a notably bitter taste with a slight sweetness.

Nutritional Information:

Bitter Kola is rich in nutrients, including carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, and caffeine.

Bitter Kola has been used traditionally to fight infections, from the common cold to hepatitis.

A 2018 study suggested that bitter kola may help combat coughs, bacterial infections, and viral infections.

Consuming bitter kola when an infection starts may help fight the infection and promote faster recovery.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 10-20 Years.

Maintenance Required: Moderate.

Planting and Care

Bitter kola trees require a warm climate. To grow a kola nut, tree soil must be deeply rich and fertile and well drained. Accumulation of water must be avoided except in dry weather conditions. The plant grows well in coastal areas and rainforest conditions.

Special Feature

It helps maintain a good airway and treat chest colds. It contains a high content of antioxidants for a healthy body. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemical. Kolaviron is a significant constituent of garcinia seed which helps to treat malaria.


Bitter kola is strong in antioxidants, which is a phrase that refers to any chemical that fights free radicals. Bitter kola extracts have also been examined in the context of asthma, with some evidence suggesting that it may have some protective properties against respiratory illness.