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Big Red Pouch Jaboticaba Fruit plant (Plinia Sp)

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Common Name: Red Pouch

Botanical Name: Plinia Sp "Red Pouch"

Origin: Brought from Hong Kong to the United States around 2021 

Health Benefits: This substance promotes respiratory health, combats inflammation, and has antioxidants that delay aging. It's effective for skin and hair, acts as a powerful anticancer agent, and supports cardiovascular health. Additionally, it aids digestion, fights diarrhea, and enhances bone and dental health.

Gardening Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Summary: Red Pouch, a Jaboticaba cultivar from Hong Kong, exhibits superb sweet flavor and bears fruit quickly, typically within 3-4 years from seed. This cultivar, likely a Plinia Phitrantha or a hybrid, provides numerous health benefits, including respiratory support, anti-inflammatory effects, skin rejuvenation, hair growth stimulation, cancer prevention, cardiovascular health improvement, diarrhea remedy, gut health promotion, and bone fortification. Cultivation involves moderate maintenance, making it an attractive option for home gardening.