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Ball Sundari Apple Ber Live Plant (Ziziphus mauritiana)

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Ball Sundari is a prized variety of ber renowned for its sweet, juicy taste and high market value. Farmers favor this variety for its exceptional yield and versatility, making it an attractive option for those seeking to maximize returns on limited land. Here’s why Ball Sundari stands out as an excellent choice for farmers:

Key Features of Ball Sundari Apple Ber:

  1. Sweet and Juicy Fruit: Ball Sundari ber bears fruit that is celebrated for its delightful sweetness and juiciness, making it a popular choice among consumers.

  2. High Yield and Market Value: Farmers appreciate the high yield and good market value of Ball Sundari ber, ensuring profitable returns on investment.

  3. Suitable for Intercropping: Its compatibility as an intercrop in coconut farms makes Ball Sundari ber an ideal choice for farmers with limited land resources, enabling them to diversify their income streams effectively.

  4. Low Maintenance: Ball Sundari apple ber trees are easy to cultivate and require minimal care, making them a practical option for both experienced and novice farmers.

  5. Nutritious and Versatile: Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, the fruit of Ball Sundari ber serves as a healthy snack option. Additionally, it is widely used in the preparation of jams, jellies, and other sweet dishes, adding value to its culinary versatility.

  6. Long Shelf Life: With its excellent storage qualities, Ball Sundari ber can be stored for several months without compromising its quality, ensuring extended market availability and reducing post-harvest losses.

Cultivation and Care:

  1. Location: Plant Ball Sundari ber trees in a sunny location with well-drained soil to promote healthy growth and fruit development.

  2. Watering: Provide regular watering, especially during the fruiting season, to ensure adequate moisture levels for optimal fruit production.

  3. Fertilization: Apply balanced fertilizer as per the tree’s requirements to support vigorous growth and abundant fruiting.

  4. Pruning: Prune the trees as needed to maintain their shape, remove dead or diseased branches, and promote better airflow and sunlight penetration.

  5. Harvesting: Harvest the fruits when fully ripe, as indicated by their color and firmness, to ensure maximum flavor and sweetness.


Ball Sundari apple ber emerges as a sweet and profitable crop option for farmers, offering high yield, low maintenance, and versatile market opportunities. Whether grown as an intercrop in coconut farms or cultivated independently, Ball Sundari ber promises to enhance farm profitability while satisfying consumer demand for its delicious and nutritious fruit. Embrace the potential of Ball Sundari apple ber and embark on a rewarding agricultural journey enriched by its sweetness and abundance.