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Veliyath Gardens

Bakuri Red Fruit Plants (Platonia Insignis "Red")

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Bakuri Red (Platonia Insignis Red):
    • Common Name: Bakuri, Bacuriacu vermelho
    • Botanical Name: Platonia Insignis Red
  • General Information:

    • Rare fruit with hard red skin and white pulp.
    • Striking flavor, pleasing to various palates.
    • Yellow-orange, round fruit, similar in size to an orange.
    • Sticky white pulp, sweet and slightly sour taste.
  • Health Benefits:

    • Manages Diabetes:
      • Rich in tocopherol, regulates blood sugar levels.
      • Boosts insulin production, prevents glucose surges.
    • Fortifies Bone Health:
      • Abundant in calcium, strengthens bone density.
      • Maintains structural integrity, prevents osteoporosis.
    • Augments Brain Function:
      • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support cognitive functions.
      • Antioxidant carotenoids enhance brainpower.
    • Enhances Eye Health:
      • Contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, and tocopherol.
      • Improves retina and reduces AMD risk.
    • Remedies AIDS:
      • Potential in improving weight, skin condition, and hair growth.
      • Strengthens immune response against AIDS.
    • Treats Cancer:
      • Identifies and impedes cancer cell growth.
      • Supports restoration of damaged cells in breast cancer.
    • Prevents Stroke:
      • Improves blood flow, controls blood pressure.
      • Reduces the risk of stroke.
    • Cure Hepatitis:
      • Antiviral components and antioxidants prevent complications.
      • Enhances regrowth of liver cells.
    • Reduces Cholesterol:
      • Counters cholesterol, promotes heart health.
    • Lowers Uric Acid:
      • Balances uric acid levels, benefits liver and kidney health.
  • Cultivation Details:
  • Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years.
  • Maintenance Required: Moderate.