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Veliyath Gardens

Armadillo Fruit Plant (Pradosia brevipes)

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Common Name: Tatoo fruit, Armadillo

Botanical Name: Pradosia brevipes

General Information: Armadillo fruit, scientifically known as Pradosia brevipes, is a perennial plant characterized by a subterranean stem that branches and spreads underground, forming large colonies. The shoots produced by this underground tree can reach heights of up to 30cm. This unique plant is native to South America, specifically found in Paraguay and Brazil. Interestingly, the fruit is sometimes discovered buried in the ground without any visible branch vestiges.

The edible fruit of Armadillo is gathered from the wild and consumed locally. The fruit is globose and approximately 5cm in diameter. It features a gelatinous, fleshy pulp with a slightly sweet taste, offering a unique and exotic flavor.

Cultivation Details:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 5 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate