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Araticum Fruit Plant (Duguetia furfuracea)

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Araticum (Duguetia furfuracea) -

Common Names: Ataticum Lanata, Araticum, Alathê

Botanical Name: Duguetia furfuracea

General Information:

Type: Very slow-growing evergreen trees (10 to 15 m) and shrubs

Native To: South America - Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay

Edible fruit gathered from the wild for local use

Fruit: Approximately 10 cm long x 7 cm wide

Fruit is eaten raw, with a pleasant, sweet flavor reminiscent of coconuts

Succulent pulp with a strong aroma

Grows well in well-drained sandy soil

Health Benefits:

Araticum extracts exhibit high antioxidant activity.

Peel and seeds extracts show a cytostatic effect on human tumor lines.

Seed extract induces human keratinocyte migration, while peel extract inhibits it.

Widely used in folk medicine.

Antiproliferative Effect: Peel and seed extracts showed a cytostatic effect on human tumor lines, indicating the potential to inhibit tumor growth.

Healing Potential: The evaluation of healing potential involves induced migration of human keratinocytes. Seed extract induces migration, while peel extract inhibits it.

Cultural Information:

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Araticum (Duguetia furfuracea) is a fascinating evergreen with slow growth, offering not only edible fruits with a delightful flavor but also showcasing potential health benefits. Its applications in folk medicine, coupled with research findings on antioxidant and antiproliferative effects, make it an intriguing subject for further exploration. With moderate maintenance requirements, it holds promise for both traditional and modern