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Araca Piranga Fruit Plant (Eugenia Multicostata)

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Araca Piranga (Eugenia Multicostata) Overview:

Scientific Name: Eugenia Multicostata

Common Name: Araca Piranga, Ausverkauft

General Information:

A semi-deciduous tree with a small, rounded crown.

Can grow 10 - 30 meters tall.

The cylindrical bole is usually twisted, with a diameter of 40 - 60 cm.

Native to southern and eastern Brazil in South America.

Found in forests, humid coastal forests, alluvial plains, gentle slopes, and forests on deep soils. Prefers a position with some shade. Thrives in soils that are inundated for part of the year.

Cultivation Details:

Found in the wild around the tropical to subtropical zone.

Best sown in partial shade as soon as the seed is ripe.

Edible Uses: Fruit is consumed raw and made into jellies and sweets. The thin-skinned fruit has a thick, fleshy, succulent pulp with a very pleasant, acidic flavor. The fruit is around 4 cm long and 3 cm wide.

Other Uses: The wood is fine-textured, straight-grained, heavy, hard to cut, and resistant to wood-eating organisms.

Utilized for making tool handles, agricultural implements, turned pieces, and wagon bodies.