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Appleberry Fruit Plant (Billardiera longiflora)

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 Common Name: Purple Appleberry, Tasmanian Blueberry Vine

Botanical Name: Billardiera longiflora

General Information:

Evergreen small Australian vine. Found in cool, moist forests from southern New South Wales to Tasmania.

Slender-leafed vine with greenish-yellow flowers. Shiny purple fruit, approximately 2.5cm in length.

Fruit can be eaten raw, with a mild sweet, and aromatic flavor. Thin-stemmed twining climber, appreciated in gardens for its eye-catching flowers and fruit.

Additional Species Note:

Another species, Billardiera scandens, is also known as apple berry or apple dumplings.

It is a small shrub or twining plant found in forests in the coastal and tableland areas of all states and territories in Australia, except for the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Nutritional Benefits:

Rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins C, B, and A, and other minerals.

Vital for overall health and can aid with immune function, digestion, sleep, and cognitive function.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 1 to 2 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate