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Annona Quinduensis Fruit Plant(Annona Quinduensis)

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Plant Type

Common Name:

Annona Quinduensis

Botanical Name:

Annona Quinduensis


Native to Colombia and Ecuador


Species of plant in the Annonaceae family

Named after Quindío, a department of Colombia, by botanist Carl Sigismund Kunth

Fruits are edible with juicy, melting flesh and a very pleasant flavor

Traditional Uses:

Leaves of A. muricata (related species) are used for treating headaches, insomnia, cystitis, and cancer

Seeds are used to treat parasitic infections

Fruit is used for treating diarrhea and neuralgia, eliminating worms and parasites, increasing milk production in lactating women, and reducing fever

Gardening Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 2 to 3 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Summary: Annona Quinduensis is a species of plant in the Annonaceae family, indigenous to Colombia and Ecuador. Its name, given by botanist Carl Sigismund Kunth, pays homage to Quindío, a department in Colombia. The plant produces edible fruits with a juicy, melting flesh and a delightful flavor. In traditional medicine, related species like A. muricata are used for various purposes, including treating headaches, insomnia, cystitis, cancer, and parasitic infections. The leaves, seeds, and fruit of Annona Quinduensis contribute to its traditional uses, addressing conditions like diarrhea, neuralgia, parasitic infections, and promoting lactation. When cultivated, this plant typically blooms and fruits within 2 to 3 years, requiring a moderate level of maintenance for optimal growth.