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Anjili Jack Fruit Live Plant( Artocarpus hirsutus)

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Artocarpus hirsutus, commonly known as Anjili jacj or  wild jack, is a tropical evergreen tree species that is native to India, primarily in Kerala. They are endemic to the Western Ghats and are found in its evergreen forests. The ripe fruit of Anjili Jack is sweet and juicy with bright yellow colour. The fruit is eaten after removing the spiny outer skin. The structure of the fruit is similar to that of the much larger jackfruit. Tree is propagated through seeds or by grafting, flowering season is from December to January and fruits riped in May and June. The tree is prized for its durable timber which is comparable in quality with teak, so that It is harvested for its wood also.

Common Name: Ayani Jack, Anjili Jack, Wild Jack

Botanical Name: Artocarpus hirsutus

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-5 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate