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Ameju Fruit Plant (Duguetia Echinophora)

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Plant Type

Duguetia Echinophora

Common Names: Ameijú, Ameipi, Ameju, Ameju de touceira, Ata braba, Ata brava, Ata-meju, Envira amarela, Envira preta, Envira surucucu, Envireira, Pindaeua

Botanical Name: Duguetia Echinophora

General Information:

Type: Elegant-looking slow-growing evergreen tree

Origin: Native to Brazil

Height: Typically reaches 15 - 20 meters

Growth Form: Normally grows as a tree, Rarely grows like a shrub

Fruit: Edible fruit gathered from the wild for local use, Green when young, turns red at maturity, Orange edible pulp, Considered one of the best-tasting Duguetia varieties. Fibreless orange flesh, very creamy, Taste is a mix of Annona squamosa and Cantaloupe melon.

Nutritional Value:

Good source of iron

Iron is essential for oxygen transport, immune system function, and enzyme activity

Helps prevent health problems like anemia and fatigue

Cultivation Information:

Soil Preference: Well-drained sandy soil for optimal growth

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4 to 5 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate