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Alphonsa Mango Live Plants

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Alphonso is the best rated and one of the most exported types of mangoes from India. It is an expensive variety due to its finest texture and great flavour. 

The Alphonso is a seasonal fruit, available mid-April through the end of June. The fruits generally weigh between 150 and 300 grams have a rich, creamy, tender texture and delicate, non-fibrous, juicy pulp. As the fruit matures, the skin of an Alphonso mango turns golden-yellow with a tinge of red across the top of the fruit

Common Name: Alphonsa

Botanical NameMangifera Alphonso

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-6 years

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Planting and Care

Full sunlight conditions are best for this tree. Supply water multiple times per week during the warmer parts of the year.

Special Feature

It is a rich source of Vit A & C (those are good antioxidants), Vitamin B and traces of Vitamin E &K. It also contains minerals such as iron, copper & potassium.


Best eaten raw and fresh, be it puree or juice or sliced, any of them is fine. Mangoes can be dried as well and used later as part of salads. Pureed mango can be used for desserts as well.