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Almirajo Fruit Plants (Patinoa almirajo)

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Almirajo (Patinoa Almirajo):

General Information:

Medium-sized evergreen tree, typically 9 to 15m tall

Native to the humid rainforests of the Choco region in Colombia and some parts of Brazil. Oval-shaped leaves with pointed tips

Flowers are large with an unusual form, similar in appearance to those of related Matisia species

Fruits are yellow when ripe, measuring up to 25 cm long and 10 cm wide

Cream-colored pulp is edible and mostly eaten fresh, described as custard-like to mealy with sweetness and flavor between banana and apple

Nutritional Benefits:

Excellent source of vitamin A

Supports the daily functioning of vital organs (kidneys, heart, lungs)

Improves skin complexion

Strengthens bone development

Boosts the immune system

Slows eyesight degeneration

Cultivation Details:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate


Planting and Care

Almirajo performs best on free-draining clay and loam soils of an acid to neutral nature, and on sites with filtered sun or partial sun to light shade.

Special Feature

Due to its high content of vitamin A, its consumption made it possible to reduce deaths caused by skin diseases linked to long working hours under the sun's rays in the old times.


The fruit pulp is edible and is mostly eaten fresh out-of-hand, with descriptions of its edible qualities varying from custard-like to mealy and with an agreeable sweetness and flavour lying somewhere between banana and apple.