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All Season Mango Live Plants

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Thai All-Time Mango Plant is easy to grow and highly favored by consumers as the best Mango species suitable for Bonsai. Requiring minimal maintenance, these plants are easy to grow and completely safe from rough weather conditions. It is native to Thailand. Like its name, it produces all year round.

Common name: Mango, Aam, Thai all season, All season

Botanical Name: Mangifera Indica

Blooming time/Fruiting: 1-2 Years  

Maintenance required: Moderate

Planting and Care

The plant can thrive in almost any soil but requires well-drained soil in a site with protection from cold. Position tree where it will receive full sun for best fruit production.

Special Feature

They are a great source of magnesium and potassium, both of which are connected to lower blood pressure and a regular pulse. Mangos are also the source of a compound known as mangiferin, which may be able to reduce inflammation of the heart. Mangos can help stabilize your digestive system.


Mango stem bark and leaves have been used in traditional medicine to treat anemia, cutaneous infections, diabetes, diarrhea and scabies. Green fruit is used to make chutney, pickles, curries, and dehydrated products like dried mango, amchoor (raw mango powder), and panna (green mango beverage). Ripe fruit is processed into canned and frozen slices, pulp, concentrate, juices, nectar, jam, purée, cereal flakes, toffee, and various dried products.