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Veliyath Gardens

Abam Fruit Live Plant (Chrysophyllum lacourtianum)

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Abam is a usually evergreen tree, native to ropical Africa - Cameroon to the Central African Republic, Gabon and DR Congo. It has a spreading crown and it can grow up to 40 metres tall. The edible fruit is harvested from the wild by local people and is sold in local markets. Fruit  can be eaten raw. The dark red to light orange, apple-shaped fruit has a juicy, sticky, sweet to subacid pulp. It is highly esteemed by local people, who eat it by making a hole in one end and sucking out the flesh also the pulp can be salted and eaten with staple foods such as cassava and plantain.

Common Name: Abam, longhi, longhi rouge

Botanical Name: Chrysophyllum lacourtianum

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-5 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate