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Finding and growing exotic saplings of rare fruit plants in Thrissur is cumbersome. There is a strict drought of quality gardens that grow and nurture rare fruit plants. We at Veliyath Garden supply such exotic rare plants for sale in Thrissur. We further allow people from around India and Kerala so you can even buy our exotic rare fruit plants even if you live in Chalakudy, so order exotic plants online in Chalakudy. Our exotic gardens of Veliyath are located near Periyar river. We boast a collection of 1000 plus exotic plants and their samplings. Veliyath is the biggest supplier of such exotic and rare plant within India and our growth is still on the rise. Our premium customer support has aided us in building a strong customer base. We have wide catalogue of exotic fruit plants for sale in Thrissur. Veliyath imports a variety of plants from various countries like Mexico and Indonesia. Our plants and samplings are grown and nurtured through expertise of trained horticulturists.

You can buy these beautiful exotic samplings right now order exotic plants online Chalakudy. Moreover, we only use manure produced from our farm cows for growing rare plants. If you choose Veliyath you are guaranteed to get fruit plants grown organically under strict care and supervision. All these qualities alone make us the best seller of rare fruit plants in Thrissur.We specialise in growing both exotic ornamental and fruit plants. Ornamental rare plants look exquisite in one’s home setup.

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exotic fruit plants for sale in Thrissur

Our sampling collection is preserved in a sound manner to keep them safe from deterioration. Our Veliyath garden bear fruits like Rollina, Olosappo, Cherry of De Rio, Bacupari, Araza Boi, Dragonfruit, Uvavia and many more. Our variety makes us the prime choice as a fruit tree seller in Guruvayur and Chalakudy. Some of the more exotic fruit plants for sale in Thrissur are Mamey Sapote and Matota. Sapote is one of the biggest fruits in the world while Matota as a plant grows at a very fast rate. There are a very few places that possesses such vast experience in field of rare fruit plants in Thrissur. Moreover, our online presence has been growing at a steady pace. Our team delivers to every part of Kerala so you can easily order exotic fruit plants online in Guruvayur. Our coverage sets us apart from other smaller gardens selling exotic plants in Kerala and India. Veliyath also looks into the needs of the customers even after they have received their order, we have dedicated customer teams to aid our respectful clients in gaining proper satisfaction. It is to be noted that we only deliver our goods within India, we no longer export our sapling to other countries. Mainly, as we would like to focus on the Indian market.

Veliyath also supplies gardening aid and gardening essentials for their customers, the same can also be order through online means. We provide clay, vermin compost, prime and more as gardening aid. While our gardening tool catalogue has tools like Hedge Shear, Looping Shear, Telescopic Pruning Secauter Roll Cut Pruning Secauter, Roll Cut Hand Fork and Hand Weeder. If you are looking for fruit tree sellers in Guruvayur come visit the Veliyath garden you would get everything you need. Further, even if you cannot visit our offline store in Periyar you can still order online. Years of experience has helped in streamlining our packing process for shipping. Veliyath specifically uses strong corrugated boxes that specialise in absorbing shock damage and saving the delicate samplings. We always tie the plants with the boxes while being shipped to prevent them from moving too much.

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In our words choose Veliyath to choose your good health. We aim at providing quality rare fruit plants in Thrissur and around. Our plants are grown and collected by experts under completely organic circumstances. Since, the saplings are grown in a controlled and authentic setting they bear healthy fruits. In essence, if you choose Veliyath you will get organic exotic fruit that are bound to give you great health. Choose us right now to take a strive forward for your health. Further, you can easily order online with us. Then you will have to take no effort of coming to us, we will come to you at your doorstep and deliver your little exotic plants online in Chalakudy. Trust us once and place your online order. Our impeccable packaging and delivery service combined with our dedicated customer care is bound to give you a great experience. We at Veliyath assure you of this. Get your own exotic rare plants for sale in Thrissur at Veliyath.



  1. Who is the Best Exotic plants online seller in Chalakudy Thrissur?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they have the best set of experts in field of rare fruit plants nurturing.

  1. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Chalakudy ?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they use organic means to nurture their little saplings.

  1. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Guruvayur ?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they have biggest assortment of rare fruit plants in India.