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Finding Great saplings for rare and exotic fruit plants is quite scarce. Further, the quality that is available in the Indian market is at best sub-par. Their products lack authenticity. We at Veliyath garden specifically grow and nurture exotic rare fruit pants in Ernakulam. At Veliyath we strive to provide customers with the highest quality of rare fruits and plants. We are a prime choice as a fruit tree seller in Ernakulum. With time we have also started delivering through the internet. You just have to go to our website and place your order and you can easily get exotic plants online in Kochi. We are primarily located in the Periyar near Perumbavoor. We at Veliyath specialise in growing sapling for fruit and ornamental plants. Further, our catalogue is full with 1000 plus species of exotic rare plants for sale in Ernakulam. One can even order them online from anywhere in Kerala and India as well. So, take your phone and order and get your exotic fruit plants online in Edappally. Veliyath is touted as the biggest supplier of exotic plants and sapling in whole on India and our huge catalogue give enough evidence for the same. If you choose use you choose the best in the business. As our reputation and customer base has grown our sales has also seen rise in the recent years. We are able to retain our prime customers owing to our prompt customer support team.. They make sure no queries go unanswered. All such qualities speak of our expertise in the field, we alone are the best fruit tree sellers in Kochi. Veliyath only delivers the saplings within, we no longer export our planet abroad. As we would like to strengthen our hold on the Indian market

At Veliyath gardens we take care of our plants and nurture them through using a manure compost made from the cow dung of cows. We choose strictly organic means and avoid using any artificial additives as they are adverse for our customer’s health. Veliyath has also hired experts and horticulturists that specialise in growing plants from an exotic source. Exotic fruit plants for sale in Ernakulam include the following - like Rollinia, Olosappo, Cherry of De Rio, Bacupari, Araza Boi, Dragonfruit, Uvavia and many more. We got you covered if you want some plants in Ernakulum then we have rare fruit plants in Ernakulam for sale.

Exotic plants online Ernakulam| Kochi


Veliyath Gardens is located on the river banks of Periyar near Perumbavoor.

Exotic plants online Ernakulam| Kochi


If you are even looking for some rarer species of plant, then we got you covered for that as well. Our nursery houses that have exotic fruit plants for sale in Ernakulam also has samplings of plants like Mamey Sapote and Matota. Sapote is among the biggest fruits in the world while Matota as a plant grows at a very fast rate. Choosing a smaller garden than use would not be satisfactory. We have every specie that you may want and we can easily deliver the same to your doorstep. Our expansive coverage and delivery capacity sets us apart from our respective competition. So, take advantage of the coverage and order exotic plants online in Kochi. Unlike other smaller garden that may sell the rare plants we are among the few who provide customer service. At Veliyath we value our customer with utmost respect and our customer care has also been trained to treat our customer with utmost respect.

We at Veliyath also understand the importance of growing one’s plant in a proper manner with the right tools and nutrients. Owing to this we had also started our range of gardening essentials and gardening tools. The main line of our gardening essentials includes various kinds of compost, clay and prime. On the other hand, our great line of gardening tools consists of like Hedge Shear, Looping Shear, Telescopic Pruning Secauter Roll Cut Pruning Secauter, Roll Cut Hand Fork and Hand Weeder. If you are looking for gardening tools, then visit the best fruit tree sellers in Kochi.


Why Choose Veliyath garden Ernakulam

As mentioned, we are the biggest supplier rare exotic fruit plants in the whole of India. We grow the product in a controlled environment through the aid of the experts via organic means. Meaning our product is sustainable and greatly beneficial. If you choose the right seller, then you will get the right fruit that may aid your health. Choose us as your supplier right now. Moreover, our online reach has also increased so order now and get exotic plants online in Kochi. If you are worried about the packaging of plants as they are quite delicate in their nascent stage, then do not be worried. We pack our plants in thick corrugated boxes on the other hand if you as for delivery through train then we pack the goods in a strong wooden box. Further, we tie our plants to the boxes to prevent them from moving. Order your little sapling and get your exotic fruit plants online in Edappally. We ensure to deliver quality and happiness through delivering your small packages of joy to you. We at Veliyath will strive to achieve this. Do not wait come right now and get exotic rare plants for sale in Ernakulam.


Q. Who is the Best Exotic plants online seller in Ernakulam Kochi?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they use completely organic matter to nurture their little saplings.

Q. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Ernakulam?

Ans: Definitely, Veliyath Garden as they have the biggest collection of rare fruit pants in Ernakulam.

Q. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Edappally?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they provide high quality plants that grown under strict supervision of experts.