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Exotic fruits are always on the list on a gardening enthusiast but there is a strict drought of genuine suppliers of the same. Do not worry, if you are looking for rare fruit plants in Palakkad then come visit the Veliyath garden. Veliyath garden was made with the aim of providing quality exotic rare fruit plants to the resident of Kerala and India alike. We also enable individuals from all over India and Kerala to purchase our unique rare fruit plants, so you can order exotic plants online Ottappalam as well. Veliyath's exotic gardens are located near river Periyar. We have a variety of over 1000 exotic plants and their specimens. Veliyath is India's largest provider of such exotic and uncommon plants, and our expansion is still on the increase. Our superior customer service has benefited us in establishing a solid core audience. We are considered as the best fruit tree sellers in Ottappalam for a reason. Our wide catalogue of exotic rare plants for sale in Palakkad has also made us a prime choice in Palakkad.
Veliyath buys a wide range of plants from nations like Mexico and Indonesia. Our plants and samples are cultivated and nourished with the help of skilled horticulturists. You may purchase these lovely exotic samples right now by ordering so get exotic fruit plants online in Palakkad.  Furthermore, we exclusively utilise manure from our farm cows to nurture our exotic plants. When you pick Veliyath, you are certain to receive fruit trees that have been developed organically and under rigorous care and monitoring. All of these characteristics combined to make us the top fruit tree sellers in Alathur. We specialise in the cultivation of decorative and fruit plants. Rare ornamental plants look stunning in a household setting. Purchase these beautiful rare fruit plants in Palakkad for your humble garden.
Veliyath Gardens is located on the river banks of Periyar near Perumbavoor.

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Exotic fruit plants for sale in Alathur are kept in good condition to prevent degradation. Mainly fruit plants like Rollinia, Olosappo, Cherry of De Rio, Bacupari, Araza Boi, Dragonfruit, Uvavia, and other fruits grow in our Veliyath garden. Because of our diversity, we are the best fruit tree seller in Ottappalam and surrounding areas. Mamey Sapote and Matota are among our more popular plants.  Sapote is one of the world's largest fruits, while Matota is a fast-growing shrub. In India, there are relatively few sites with such extensive knowledge in the field of uncommon fruit plants. Furthermore, our internet presence has been steadily rising. Our delivery partners delivers to all parts of Kerala, making it a child's play to purchase exotic plants online in Ottappalam. Our coverage distinguishes us from other local nurseries in Kerala and India that lesser varieties of such exotic plants. Veliyath also carefully considers the demands of our consumers after they have received their purchase. We have a specialised customer support team to assist our esteemed clients in achieving total satisfaction from our potent saplings. Veliyath solely sells their products within India, we have recently discontinued exporting goods abroad. This has been done to focus on the  Indian market.

Veliyath also specialists of garden tools and aid. We provide gardening aid kits and gardening tools on our website. To help your plants grow we provide clay, vermin compost, prime, and other gardening supplies. Veliyath’s gardening tool collection includes instruments such as Hedge Shears, Looping Shears, Telescopic Pruning Secauters, Roll Cut Pruning Secauters, Roll Cut Hand Forks, and Hand Weeders. If you are seeking the best fruit tree sellers in Ottappalam the visit the Veliyath gardens, where you will find all plants and gardening essentials that you may require. Furthermore, if you are unable to visit our Periyar store, you could still purchase online. Years of expertise have aided us in optimising our shipment packaging procedure. Veliyath employs robust corrugated boxes that specialise in absorbing stress damage and preserving sensitive samples. We also usually tie the plants to the crates while shipping them to keep them from swaying too much. All these exotic fruit plants for sale in Alathur are yours for the taking.

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rare fruit plants in Palakkad

We strive to provide high-quality rare fruit plants in Palakkad and surrounding areas.  Our handpicked experts nurture and pick our plants under entirely organic conditions. Because the saplings are raised in a regulated environment, they produce nutritious fruits. In essence, if you pick Veliyath, you will receive organic exotic fruit that will undoubtedly benefit your health. Make the right the choice and to see a noticeable difference in your health. We always keep the queries of our customers in consideration while delivering our services. Veliyath always aims at providing the best service to our respected customer, as we want complete satisfaction on your part. Order these rare and exotic plants online in Ottappalam. Order from us now and make yourself your perfect garden full of rare fruit plants.  Don't put it off any longer, come right now and buy exotic fruit plants for sale in Alathur.



Q. Who is the Best Exotic plants online seller in Ottappalam, Palakkad?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they have the widest variety of exotic rare plants for sale in Palakkad.

Q. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Alathur?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they mainly use organic manure to produce their crops, so they have quality rare fruit plants for sale.

Q. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Ottappalam?

Ans: Veliyath Garden, as they have harnessed their years of expertise in the field to deliver quality rare fruit plants.