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Best rare fruits plants in Malappuram

Best Rare fruit plants seller in Malappuram |Kerala

Rare Fruits are a healthy source of immense nutrition and they provide key health benefits as well. But finding the fresh rare fruits plants in Malappuram is hard as the supply is scarce.  No need to worry, we at the Veliyath gardens have got you covered. Our gardens are one of the if not the biggest sellers of rare and exotic plants. At Veliyath gardens we have a vast collection of 1000+ rarest fruits plants which we have been imported from places like Mexico and Indonesia. Our humble garden is located at the banks of river Periyar. We mainly deliver within India only. It doesn’t matter where you live in India if you place an order with us, we will make sure it is delivered to you. We want to dial in on the Indian market so that we can serve our customer better. At Veliyath gardens we strictly use the manure from the farm cows to grow our plants organically. We have dedicated team of horticulturists and other experts to supervise the proper growth of the exotic plants. Other gardens in India lack such expertise and authenticity in their exotic gardens.

We deliver both exotic fruits plants as well as ornamental plants. At Veliyath gardens we carefully maintain our sampling collection. We are the best among the fruit tree sellers in Nilambur. Some of the exotic plants that we have at Veliyath are Mamey Sapote and Matota. Mamey Sapote bears one of the biggest fruits while Matota grows at a rapid rate. We have reach all around Kerala as well as India. At Veliyath we accept order through online means as well so even if you live in Manjeri you can order exotic plants online in Manjeri from Veliyath and get your order at your home. Buying exotic fruit plants for sale in Nilambur has never been easier. Other exotic rare plants for sale in Malappuram are Rollinia, Olosappo, Cherry of De Rio, Bacupari, Araza Boi, Dragonfruit, Uvavia and many more. Due to our wide variety and unmatched range you should get your rare fruits plants in Malappuram from Veliyath.

Exotic plants online Manjeri | Malappuram

Exotic plants online Manjeri | Malappuram

As mentioned above, the wide range and years of expertise at Veliyath makes it stand apart from the competition. Further, we have constantly tried to expand our online reach so individuals can buy exotic plants online in Manjeri, Nilambur, Malappuram and other such places. Our online means makes us different from our competition. Further, we also supply various gardening essentials like clay ball, vermin compost and Prime. Moreover, several gardening tools used for successfully planting an exotic plant are also available at Veliyath. Our range includes - Hedge Shear, Looping Shear, Telescopic Pruning Secauter Roll Cut Pruning Secauter, Roll Cut Hand Fork and Hand Weeder.

We expanded into gardening essentials to aid our customers in planting their perfect exotic fruit plant in Malappuram. All such qualities do makes us the best fruit tree sellers in Manjeri and around. At Veliyath we have also specifically focused on strengthening the delivery chain to cater to our online customer. We use corrugated boxes to in order to save them from any seeming damage, we also tie the boxes with plants in a way that they do not move during shaky transit. We can even deliver through train in strong pre-made wooden boxes, subject to customer’s prior request. Our impeccable delivery system makes us the best choice to exotic fruit plants online in Manjeri.

Why Choose Veliyath garden Manjeri | Malappuram

Best Rare fruit plants seller in Manjeri

At Veliyath Garden we promise to deliver quality exotic rare plants to you at a reasonable price. Our diverse range in exotic plants is unmatched in Kerala and the whole of India.  Further, we deliver all around the country as well as Kerala. At Veliyath the samplings are grown in an organic and sophisticated manner ensuring healthier plants for you. Moreover, our wide range of gardening essentials will make the whole experience pleasant for you so trust us.  Choose us for your rare fruit plants in Malappuram. If you want to order online, then get exotic fruit plants online in Manjeri. Order from us and you would not be disappointed we are bound to serve you and your garden well. Choose us make the right choice and see your lovely fruits bloom in the sun. Get your exotic rare plants for sale in Malappuram at Veliyath right now.


  1. Who is the Best Exotic plants online seller in Manjeri and Malappuram?

Ans: Without a doubt it would be the Veliyath Gardens. Mainly as they have an diverse range of plans.

  1. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Nilambur?

Ans: Veliyath Garden as they use organic manure to grow their sampling, further their online facility makes them way more accessible.

  1. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Manjeri ?

Ans Veliyath Garden has best collection rare fruit in and around Manjeri.  Their wide coverage also covers the fruits markets in Malappuram as well

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